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CNC Machining

We have a wide range of capacity for CNC machining.


VF5 XT Haas Mill
60L x 26W x 25H (7500 rpm Vector Drive)

VF3 Haas Mill with TR210 (5th axis)
40L x 20W x 25H (10000 rpm)
23.5" diameter on TR210

VF2 SS Haas Mill
30L x 16W x 20H (12000 rpm)

VF2 SSYT Haas Mill
30L x 20W x 20H (12000 rpm)

VF2 Haas Mill
30L x 16W x 20H (7500 rpm vector Drive)

Super Mini Haas Mill
16L x 12W x  10H (15000 rpm)


ST-30 Haas Lathe
21" diameter x 26" length
10" chuck with a 3" thru bore spindle
(3400 rpm 30hp)

Mazak QTS 200
14" diameter x 21" length
8" chuck with a 2" thru bore spindle
(6000 rpm 20hp)

EDM Wire

Sodick AG600L

23.62"X x 15.75"Y x 13.78"Z

Wire range 0.002" - 0.012"

Work tank dimensions 41.34" wide x

27.95" deep

Manual Machining

We also have a variety of manual machines  to help with finishing operations  and  simple machining requirements.

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