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In May 1979, Erich founded Novy Manufacturing and Assembly Inc. with his son, Manfred as partner and Vice-president. Erich acted as President until his retirement on April 30 1997. The company was then under Manfred’s direction where it evolved into a job shop, specializing in prototyping and custom machining for a variety of local industries.

In May 2015, John Bairos became a partner at Novy. To celebrate this partnership, Novy was renovated throughout the entire facility. We expanded our machine shop capabilities by adding 5 new machines, which also allowed us to provide quicker lead times for our customers. Our computer systems were fully upgraded and our front office was modernize to showcase some of our unique machining capabilities. 

After 39 years at Novy Manufacturing and Assembly Inc., Manfred retired on April 30, 2018. The company, now fully under John's direction, underwent a name change to Novy Manufacturing Inc.


John continues to evolve our machining/ designing capabilities to new levels which allows us to constantly adapt in developing new and innovative machining solutions for our customers.

In September 2018, Novy Manufacturing Inc. became fully ISO Certified.

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